Citrix Studio – Machines Appears with SID name instead of Computer names

1. Inside the Desktop Studio, click on the Desktop Studio node


2. Then click on the Powershell tab

3. On the Powershell tab at the bottom right click


4. Inside the Powershell interface, Enter the following command:
(If the command is not recognized, run command first to import citrix cmdlets:
Add-PSSnapin citrix*)

Update-BrokerNameCache -Machines


5. If you receive an error, try running it from the actual Desktop Delivery Controller.

6. All you have to do is go back to the “Assignments ” node then to the Desktop Group and you should see the machine names as domain name\computer name


Promote vDisk error

I received this error when promoting a vDisk to production after a Merge.
“An unexpected MAPI error occured” and under details: “Some or all identity references could not be translated.”


Creating a maintenance disk and promoting to Test was working so there was some thinking before we found a resolution.

Restart the SOAP Service on both PVS servers.

Collect / Review Logs when troubleshooting Personal vDisk

Collect / Review Logs on VDA

One of the first steps in troubleshooting a PvD issue is to gather and review the logs on a Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) that is experiencing the issue. To do this:

  • Log onto the VDA
  • Open an Administrator command prompt
  • Navigate to: C:\Program Files\Citrix\personal vDisk\bin
  • Run ctxpvd.exe -log to create a single PVDLOGS folder under the %temp% directory that contains all the PvD related logs in one place. This keeps you from having to browse to multiple folders to locate the logs.
  • Click Start, type %temp% to launch windows explorer and locate the PVDLOGS folder
  • Review the logs files and look for errors and failures.
  • A great reference for understanding PvD logs can be found here: Understanding Personal vDisk (PVD) Log Files
  • This link can also be helpful:

Schedule reboots XenApp 6.5

Citrix has a great post about this subject here:

But one of our customers wanted to schedule the reboots to weekdays only, Mon-Fri.

It is quite easy to schedule a reboot time every day or every week but its a little more tricky to schedule it for specific weekdays.

Dane young has done a advanced script for this :
I haven´t tested it but it sounds promising.

The best way for me to fix this with Citrix Policys is like this:

  1. Create a reboot worker group for every day that the reboots should be done, like “Reboot Monday 0500”, “Reboot Tuesday 0500” etc.
  2. Put the servers in the worker groups that matches the reboots. We can put the same servers in different worker groups.
  3. Create a policy for every reboot schedule. Just put one worker group in every policy otherwise it will only take the policy with highest priority.
  4. When running the modeling wizard it is required to put in the Worker Group name in the Server Groups field when testing the policy:

Expand a PVS vDisk

Login to the PVS server and start the PVS Console.
Merge all of the versions of the vDisk.
Copy the new vDisk to a new location eg d:\store\new.vhd

Open cmd or powershell as administrator and run these commands:

“Select vdisk file=” d:\store\new.vhd” ”
“list vdisk” (you should now see your vdisk and the path)
“expand vdisk maximum=60000” (This is the size in megabytes of the size you want to extend, so 60000 is 60Gb)
“attach vdisk”
“list disk”
“list volume” (take note of the Volume number of the your vdisk, you should see the old size)
“select volume 5 (or whatever volume number from list volume command)
“list volume” (you should now see the size you want for your disk. This should also be seen in the pvs console)
“detach vdisk”

Import the new vDisk disk to the vDisk Store and attach it to the devices.

Desktop Director – Pre-populating, disabling and hiding the Domain Textbox

Desktop Director – Pre-populating, disabling and hiding the Domain Textbox | D Herman Consulting Ltd.

Edit the file C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\LogOn.aspx

Should look like this (bold text shows the Changes)

<div style=’display:none’><div class=’label eight’>
<asp:Label ID=”DomainLabel” runat=”server” Text=”Domain” CssClass=”label”></asp:Label>
<div class=’indicator-bar’ id=’Domain-bar’></div>
<asp:TextBox ID=”Domain” runat=”server” CssClass=”text-box” onfocus=”showIndicator(this);”

Citrix XenDesktop 7.6, Provisioning Services 7.6 and the XenDesktop Setup Wizard with Write Cache and Personal vDisk Drives | Carl Webster

Citrix XenDesktop 7.6, Provisioning Services 7.6 and the XenDesktop Setup Wizard with Write Cache and Personal vDisk Drives | Carl Webster.